Daily grind


  1. Send a customer a description of the scope of your project, the methods to be employed and why they were chosen, the prerequisites for applying those methods, and an estimate of the time and effort required.
  2. Customer tells you your document is too “technical”, their management needs an “executive summary”
  3. Hint at some interesting aspects of your project in “bullet points” on three powerpoint slides
  4. Customer calls the slides “too granular” and is “concerned” about some obvious features which aren’t in the bullet points (but are, needless to say, in the 92-page scope document)
  5. Smile and ask the engineers to turn their attention to more slides, which they enjoy much more than engineering anyway
  6. (this is much less common, thank Zeus) Have the same calibre of discussion internally between different teams of developers while partitioning the work

It would save endless time and money if everyone just turned off their phones for three or four hours, sat down on a comfy sofa with a coffee and took the time to read and understand even a few of the details of whatever it was they were supposed to make a decision on.

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