Shields Up!

“Trotzhaltungen haben noch nie zum Erfolg gef├╝hrt.” Stattdessen solle “mit der Kraft unserer Argumente” agiert werden.

Angela Merkel said she is against using trade-agreement negotiations as leverage against the NSA. I agree with her on this. Conflating different topics would raise distractions and ultimately sap popular support for the core demand: protection from mass surveillance as a core component of human rights. It does, however make sense to use the voluntary exchange of information as leverage, e.g. the current agreements to (without court order or means of legal review) provide all bank transaction files, air passenger files and so on to foreign intelligence services. That presumably started under the assumption that data was being processed sparingly and responsibly, i.e. in the service of specific security-related goals. The assumption is no longer reasonable, so the programs should end. I think the best response would be to start a “Shields Up” program, providing federal funding to open-source developers of encryption solutions, adding PKI keys to ID cards and implementing laws granting users rights regarding their own data, and governing how and where user data may be stored and transmitted.

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